Inclusion At SOAR

At Soar Learning Center we believe every child regardless of disability should enjoy the same childcare experiences as other students.  We understand children have more similarities than differences and therefore every child in our program should be afforded the same opportunities for their unique strengths to develop.  We work together as a team in collaboration with parents, consultants and caregivers to plan individual modifications for children who require specific accommodations.  Every staff member here has experience and specialized training necessary to provide the best possible environment for your child. 

Our inclusive childcare environment is a benefit to both the child with special needs and typically developing children.

Our program…
  • offers opportunities for each child to learn through training and observation
  • Support from peers while learning to build relationships
  • Beautiful chances to practice social skills and communication
  • Opportunities for each child to learn and play in a supportive environment with a team approach
  • Increased appreciation and acceptance of everyone’s individual differences, thus increasing children’s understanding of empathy, a necessary practice later in life.
Providers/teachers make inclusion at SOAR a positive experience for everyone by:
  • Creating an environment where everyone is invited to participate
  • Making sure everyone is treated with respect and kindness.
  • Answering children’s questions with simplicity and honesty and encouraging open dialogue about children’s unique differences.
  • Helping children feel comfortable with each other and develop friendships.
  • Facilitating interactions and play between children.
  • Creating a sense of community in the classroom
  • Exemplifying love so every person is valued as a unique individual and where everyone is responsible for caring for one another.
  • Giving children the freedom to explore their ideas about disabilities through play and conversation, while guiding them to be aware and respectful of the feelings and perspective of their friends.
  • Understand Shaping children’s attitudes is a tremendous responsibility and privilege
The Role of our Buddy Volunteers:
  • To provide consistent one-on-one attention to a child with special needs.
  • Foster rapport and relationship with the child
  • Get to know the child’s interests and motivators.
  • Observe and learn to anticipate triggers that might precede negative or undesirable behaviors.
  • To support the child so that he or she gets the chance to participate with peers in-class activities.
  • Help model and modify activities for the child, if needed.
  • Provide praise for accomplishments and desired behaviors.
  • Communicate with the parent/caretaker.
  • Communicate with the group leader and teacher
The Role of the Behavioral Team:
  • To consult with teachers regarding potential behavioral, learning, communication or attention challenges among students.
  • To provide objective observations and communicate concerns with families/caregivers.
  • To recommend individualized interventions that may improve the child’s learning and experience.
  • To arrange consultations with parents and discuss expectations.
  • To act as a liaison between parent/teacher/buddy/community
  • To provide observation and strategies/plans for an identified and possible newly identified student in need of a buddy.
  • To collaborate with a total team approach and provide feedback specific to our areas of expertise.
  • To discuss/review concerns, current IFSPs/IEP ( if available) or any information that may be helpful in creating a plan within the SOAR program

Providing a structured environment to support the unique and diverse needs of children and their families, SOAR strives to enrich the lives of our children, encouraging them to reach their highest potential within the kingdom and the community.


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